Brinkmeier Arlan

Welcome Residents of MN District 47A!

My name is Arlan and I am running for the State House 47A seat to represent you at the state capitol.

I grew up in St. Paul in a tree lined neighborhood where you always knew where the kids were by the pile of bikes in the front yard.  I also spent many summers on the family farm in Lester Prairie, picking rock and baling hay. I remember driving to the farm store in Waconia and the hardware store in Watertown. After high school I moved to California, but in 2011 I returned to Minnesota to help my father with our farm. I lived in Hollywood township until 2016 when I met my wife, Svitlana.  Soon after getting married we moved to Waconia and are excited to start a family.

I have always had an interest in helping the communities in which I live to become ever better places to be. I’ve studied history and I embrace the idea that government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. I strive to be that engaged citizen who believes in democracy and good government and proper representation. My wife and I love our lives here in Carver County and I am running to ensure our families get to look to the future of Minnesota with optimism and hope for an even brighter future. 


My Political Journey

For the majority of my life, I was always more politically conservative than those in my family who are all life-long Democrats.  My father, through the GI Bill, was able to earn a PhD in Education and become a professor in Criminal Justice and Statistics, in addition to running the family farm.  My mother, owned her own business, a large and busy family child care operation. 

I have two sisters, one of whom was an aide to Paul Wellstone and the other a geologist who works with companies to implement sustainable business practices. During much of my time in California,

I was a card-carrying Republican,  but many events began to challenge my views. The revelations that the pretext for the invasion of Iraq In 2003 were fraudulent and the failure of the regulation of large banks that lead to the Great Recession made me feel disillusioned about our leadership. 

I began to think more deeply about what I believed and how government can either be a force for good or be wielded simply for the power and benefit of a few. During my time in California one of the greatest experiences was the diversity of people I lived and worked with- people from all over the world honoring their heritage, while embracing what it means to be an American.  America is not just a place but is also, an idea that all people are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Despite how imperfectly we have lived up to this idea it has made this country, at our best, better as a whole than the sum of our parts. The only way to realize the words of our founding documents is for citizens to continue to push forward policies that include everyone and leave no one behind.   



Arlan Brinkmeier